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MagicScore onLine Online software for music notation display, play and print Line is an internet software which can display print and playback music scores from the internet. MagicScore onLine is a perfect solution for music portals, sites, on-line and off-line music stores, music team sites, composers and performers, religious music sites. MagicScore onLine provides you a possibility to imagine music piece as a whole by linking visual representation of the score and its playback, and possibility to print the score immediately

DropConvert 8.9.3: Fix your million page website FAST! Multi-file/folder, with EasyPatterns
DropConvert 8.9.3

line matches, and EasyPattern and perl pattern matching, as well as search/replace lists from Excel, CSV or Tab-delimited files. You can restrict find and replace changes to a line or column range or both. Convert files between Unix, Mac and PC/Windows end of line formats. Filters can remove blanks from the start or end of each line, remove blank lines, remove HTML tags and add line numbers. Restrict changes to line or column ranges. More than 200

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2D/3D Line Graph Software 4.63: 2D / 3D Line Graph provides both Client & Server solution for adding line graphs
2D/3D Line Graph Software 4.63

Line Graph provides both a client and server side solution for the incorporation of line graphs and charts into web pages. It provides versatile components so that web authors and Java developers can easily build and publish dynamic and interactive line charts. Both the applet and servlet are designed to take multiple series of numerical data and graph the information as 2D or 3D Line Graphs. The applets and servlets can acquire data from a variety

chart, java applet, java, free java applet, line graph applet, line chart, line graph, line chart applet, applet, graph, line 1.0: Free Online Form Creation Tool 1.0 provides free internet solutions to permit users to accept on-line information from visitors. Users can create one or more on-line form in minutes as no programming is required. Our system is fundamentally different from other systems in that it is NOT made for creating simple polls but for more complex on-line input forms such as sign-up forms, detailed surveys etc. Error checking, page authentication, custom layout, etc

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Wise Telnet & Serial Terminal 3.2.11: Emulates WY50/50+/60 terminals. Part of a suite of telnet/serial emulators.
Wise Telnet & Serial Terminal 3.2.11

line by 80/132 column display including Econ-80; char, line, page attributes; multiple, sizeable page modes; full split-screen support; status line; key labels; editing; tab-stops; char, line, column, rectangle clear/fill functions; line locking; answerback; monitor mode; line drawing; remotely switchable emulation. Supports session logging. Includes a modem dialer and a simple phonebook. When using telnet, you can use your host file, or an edited

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Bible Jig Saw bib283 1: World Christian Resource. Christian Online Games Resources for Christian evangel
Bible Jig Saw bib283 1

World Christian Resource. Christian Online Games Resources for Christian evangelism for Christians, pastors and missionaries. Christian Games on-line and other fun activities Games, puzzles, mazes, reviews and more. Offering entertainment and education for children and families from a Christian perspective. Online Christian Games The Choice Game: an entertaining and well-produced on-line soap opera game. If you know of a Christian on-line game we


Encrypt PDF Command Line 2.3: Encrypt PDF software allows you to encrypt existing PDFs.
Encrypt PDF Command Line 2.3

line Features: 1. EncryptPDF Command line is easy to use; 2. EncryptPDF Command line does NOT need Adobe Acrobat software; 3. EncryptPDF Command line supports password protect opening of the document; 4. EncryptPDF Command line supports prevent printing of the document; 5. EncryptPDF Command line supports Prevent copying of text/graphics; 6. EncryptPDF Command line supports Prevent changes to the document; 7. EncryptPDF Command line supports Password

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